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PL explores the materiality of the ceramic medium through the contemplative process of altering wheel-thrown pieces and hand-building sculptural forms. Her work at once draws references from the regularities of form found in the natural world and the imperfect form of fragmented artefacts ubiquitous within historical sites. 


Propelled by her childhood fascinations in archaeology, she hopes to delve deeper into the history of ceramics and its relevance to the sociocultural characteristics of society through her practice — past, present and future. 

"This, a visual soliloquy of a Singaporean creative who is after the voice from above the vault;

Inspired by the vision in Ezekiel 1, strung together by the binary code.

This, a platform akin a wheel in the wheel. Here, I live and move and have my virtual being;

Over the mountains, through the valleys.

This, a labyrinthine journey to my summit of reign; heart in bloom.

Should I descend, I wish to take you with me.

So, come up here."


sculptural ceramics, print publication editorial,
graphic and print design, photography, curatorial projects.

GW began pursuing pottery in a bid to be more self-reliant, as he enjoys and learns the ropes of making functional wares. Little did he know that he would come to appreciate the process of his ceramic practice as analogous to the reflection of life and its simplicities.  


bespoke functional wares.

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